ONGA Pumps And Tanks

Established in 1967, Onga has been servicing both the Australian and New Zealand plumbing markets with the best in quality water movement products for over 40 years. They have manufactured a product to meet every need which is why they are the elite choice in plumbing products. Having started as a farming manufacturer, Onga has ensured that all its products can withstand the test of time which is why it is today’s leading market provider for all plumbing and pumping solutions and aims to cater for the harsh environment of Australia and New Zealand.

Here at Waratah Plumbing and Pumping we are proud to be one of the few authorised servicers and dealers of a wide range of Onga pumps and water switches. As one of Australia’s iconic brands, we can guarantee that the Onga products in our installations are the very best in plumbing solutions so you can rest assured knowing you’re getting the highest quality in water movement.

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